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Botox® Over time, our faces bear the tangible signs of ageing, including lines and wrinkles. Even if we feel young, the appearance of these grooves can make us feel older and look tired and worn out.

Being extremely popular in the US, Botox treatment can be adopted in aesthetic medicine to prevent these lines and wrinkles getting worse, and can lessen their appearance.

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a purified protein that can block messages between the brain and the muscle, temporarily. It is extremely safe and extensive clinical studies suggest it is a lasting, though not permanent, solution for ageing concerns.

By relaxing the muscles we overuse, which in turn exaggerate our wrinkles, through Botox, we can ease the strain placed on the skin and iron out stubborn lines.

One of the main areas of focus for our patients is the glabella. This refers to the area positioned between the eyebrows. Many will notice, over time, the furrows becoming more static (visible even when not creating a facial expression), and this can cause self-consciousness.

Our aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Karen Bates, is a highly-skilled injectable administer at My Face Aesthetics Clinic Bolton. She will meet with you in person to discuss any questions you may have and to carry out a facial assessment. Through doing so, she will be able to create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

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Q & A about Botox Treatments

Frown lines - Winkles - Forehead Furrows - Crows Feet - Bunny Lines (Nose) - Excessive Sweating - Migraines

Botox works by weakening the muscles into which it is injected. As facial muscles contract, the loose skin above those muscles wrinkles. By weakening the muscles, the wrinkles are reduced

Botox is very safe when injected by experienced physicians. Although its active ingredient is a neurotoxin, the small amounts used in Botox injections make more serious side effects virtually non-existent. Some people can develop eyelid drooping that lasts up to three weeks. This usually is caused by Botox moving to unwanted areas, affecting the wrong muscles, and is often a result of the patient rubbing the injection sites..

No. Results will vary, but results typically last from four to six months. At that point, when wrinkles begin to reappear, another Botox session will be needed. Lines and wrinkles often appear less severe over time because the muscles are being trained to relax and stop contracting..