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Crows Feet Treatments
Crows Feet Treatments with Botox®
Our eyes are said to be the windows to our souls, and being very much a focal point of our features when interacting with others, it is understandable why so many find this area a real bugbear when it is touched by the effects of ageing.

In the last 30 years or so, Botox treatment has really picked up and has been dramatically refined within the cosmetic arena. It is by far the most popular aesthetic treatment in the US, and we have seen a surge in people undergoing wrinkle injections in the UK.

Working from our clinic in Bolton, our aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Karen Bates, offers skill, understanding, knowledge and experience. Through her detailed assessments and consultations prior to treatment, she can answer any queries you may have about the treatment, the effects and any possible concerns you may have, as well as advise you on what treatment is best for you.

Although most people are suitable for Botox treatment, it is important to note that Karen may advise you an alternative treatment, if she feels it will be better suited and more beneficial to treat your presented concern.

We also impress on patients and prospective patients that Botox, especially in this area, should be administered by a registered, qualified and experienced medical professional. While the injections can technically be carried out by a lesser-qualified individual, the results and safety are often incomparable. You should also determine whether the clinic of your choice is in fact using the branded Botox®, if that is what you are paying for.

Botox lasts between 3-4 months, on average, but it has the ability to last longer, depending on the individual and metabolism rates. It is a non-permanent, non-surgical solution to an age old problem, and the results are tangible.

By relaxing facial muscles for a temporary period, Botox rejuvenates the face and smooths out unwanted lines and wrinkles. The eyes will appear younger-looking and refreshed, and this has a dramatic knock-on effect to your overall appearance.

For more information about Botox treatments, or to schedule an appointment with Karen today, at her Bolton Botox Treamtent Clinic

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Q & A about Botox Treatments

Frown lines - Winkles - Forehead Furrows - Crows Feet - Bunny Lines (Nose) - Excessive Sweating - Migraines

Botox works by weakening the muscles into which it is injected. As facial muscles contract, the loose skin above those muscles wrinkles. By weakening the muscles, the wrinkles are reduced

Botox is very safe when injected by experienced physicians. Although its active ingredient is a neurotoxin, the small amounts used in Botox injections make more serious side effects virtually non-existent. Some people can develop eyelid drooping that lasts up to three weeks. This usually is caused by Botox moving to unwanted areas, affecting the wrong muscles, and is often a result of the patient rubbing the injection sites..

No. Results will vary, but results typically last from four to six months. At that point, when wrinkles begin to reappear, another Botox session will be needed. Lines and wrinkles often appear less severe over time because the muscles are being trained to relax and stop contracting..