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Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing

Jaqui Rostron - Elite artist and trainer

I am one of the very few elite artists in the United Kingdom to be recognised by the society of permanent Cosmetic Professionals in the UK. I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years, working in salons, clinics and colleges.

For the last fifteen years I have concentrated solely on permanent make up and medical tattooing, working in clinics throughout the North West alongside plastic surgeons and doctors. I have travelled extensively in the UK and abroad honing my skills and keeping up to date with new methods of tattooing. I also share my knowledge by offering one to one advanced training to other permanent make up technicians. I also train students at a London based training school.

Microblading has taken the permanent make up industry by storm. I was one of the first experts in the UK to use this technique and now train other industry specialists on how to produce high quality finished results.

I love my job and enjoy changing peoples lives for the better. I believe that everybody deserves to look their best, that is why you can relax and know that you are in the safest hands with me.

Microblading Brows

Wake up each morning looking good, without the need to apply eyebrow pencil. Ideal for sporty active people, or people who have lost eyebrows through ill health or over plucking. Natural hair stroke eyebrows give a youthful, lifted brow effect, by designing a flattering brow shape to complement the client’s natural features.

microblading brows examples of  permanent cosmetic

Eyebrows are so important-they frame the face, Microblading gives the most natural effect yet. Fine delicate hair strokes are created using a hand tool, the effects are totally natural. Shading can be added to the treatment for more depth and definition.

Areola & Nipple Tattoo

Although the art of tattooing has been around for a long time the concept of nipple tattooing is relatively new. Patients decide on Nipple/Areola tattooing for a variety of reasons but mainly following surgery for breast cancer. This can be an emotional issue for many and this procedure can be life changing. The final results create a realistic 3 dimensional Nipple and Areola.


Lips can be made fuller lip colour enhanced and corrected, all using revolutionary cosmetic techniques. The unique ‘lip blush’ system, using soft shades, gives a haze of colour across the lips. Or, a dramatic colour can be applied to create a more striking look.

enhanced lips cosmetic make up medical tattooing
Lips that have lost definition through the aging process can be redefined with naturally beautiful effects.


Enhance your eyes with subtle top lash enhancement, either on its own or complemented by a lower liner in a choice of beautiful colours. Or, choose a fine bold top eyeliner, again, with a choice of colours to flatter your natural eye colour.

top eye lash enhancement with cosmetic tattooing

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Q & A Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing

Although sensations will vary, comfort is of paramount importance and anaesthetic cream is applied to all treatment to numb the area.

Dependent on the work involved, please allow between one and two hours for a new treatment.

The required shape is drawn on using cosmetic pencils before the treatment commences. Once a shape has been approved by the client, they can choose a colour. Anaesthetic cream is then applied.

The treatment is performed using the most advance digital technology, which enables precise application of pigments into the upper layers of the skin, using a disposable cartridge system.

Treated areas will initially look slightly dark and lighten after a few days. A month after your initial treatment, a follow-up appointment is made and any adjustments will be completed.

Some pigments will remain in the skin indefinitely, but will gradually fade over time. The amount of colour retention is dependent upon age, skin type, colour choice and lifestyle. It is recommended that a colour boost is applied within 2 years to maintain freshness.